aivi (they/them) & surasshu (he/him) are an award-winning composition and production duo who specialize in digital fusion music. Their signature style combines heartfelt piano with kinetic electronic sounds, spanning a wide emotional range.

aivi & surasshu first debuted in 2013 on the label Ubiktune with their genre-bending album, The Black Box. Soon after, they were invited to score the soundtrack and produce vocal songs for Steven Universe on Cartoon Network, the acclaimed animated series that has opened doors for LGBTQ+ representation in children’s media.

Together, they’ve also composed music for Google Doodles, the indie game Ikenfell, and a handful of boutique projects. They recently released their sophomore album, Meanwhile, with Infloresce Records.

The duo is married and currently lives in the US, enjoying a life of happy chaos with their child and two cats.